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Earthquake (Earthbound #2) by Aprilynne Pike

Earthquake  - Aprilynne Pike

Short Review;

This was a interesting second book, the story progressed quickly and there was still a good amount of action. However I didn't like it as much as the first book, but would still recommend it if you enjoyed Earthbound.


**Spoilers to Earthbound**


Long Review;

At the end of Earthbound Tavia is caught by the Reduciata that is exactly where this book picks up from.


This is an interesting sequal to Earthbound, it is still quite high in suspense and moves along at a good pace, however I felt like there was something missing, it just lacked something that Earthbound didn't.


That being said, it was still a good read and ill be interested to see where the story goes if there is a 3rd book.


We Were Liars by E.Lockhart

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

I don't have a lot to say about this, other than if you haven't already, go read it.


I may have only given it 3 stars but I still think it's definatly worth the read.


Only thing that annoyed me was the writing style.


It would do

this for no reason

at all



The Originals by Cat Patrick

The Originals - Cat Patrick

Short Review;

I love love LOVED this book, its different, unique and has some romance, schooling, and a big mystery. I wish it wasn't a stand alone novel.


Long Review;

The Originals is about 3 girls Lizzie, Ella & Betsey they grew up believing that they were ordinary triplets when something happens and they have to move and seek a new identity. To the outside world their family consists of a single mum and 1 teenage daughter.


The girls take it in turns to go to school, work or extracurricular activities like cheer leading. The girls seem happy and are used to the arrangements made and agreed by them all, until Lizzie meets Sean, he makes her realise she is not a copy but an individual with unique desires and dreams. Lizzie then starts digging into the past of the family and rips apart the balance they had established.


I really loved this story, it was engaging and have me wanting to absorb it all right away, I was expecting to read from all the girls points of view, but the whole story is seen through Lizzies' eyes and it works wonderfully, totally engrossed and wished it wasn't a stand alone!


If your up for a different twist on a story about girls growing up and finding who they are, this is defiantly recommended.


The School for Good and Evil: A World without Princes by Soman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes - Soman Chainani

Short Review;

Similar to the first book, this took me forever to read, not really sure why. It was an okay second book but I perfer the first book.


Long Review;

This books starts back in Galvadon, and we follow Agatha & Sophie for a while and see how they both are adjusting back into normal life without magic and princes.


After a while someone makes a wish and they end up back in the school for good and evil but everythings changed since Agatha choose Sophie over Tedros.


I enjoyed seeing where the story went but didn't enjoy this as much as the first book, it felt dragged out and for a while not at lot happens.


Still worth the read if you enjoyed the first book.

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

The School of Good and Evil - Soman Chainani

Short Review;

I actually really loved this story, that being said it’s taken me a surprisingly long time to finish it, but I defiantly enjoyed it and would recommend it if you’re looking for an interesting new take on fairy tales.


Long Review;

The School for Good and Evil is based on 2 female characters, Sophie who is perfect and beautiful and Agatha who is a bit weird. For Sophie’s entire life she has read and loved fairy tales and practiced being good so she would be swept away into one of her own, all Agatha wants is to live a quiet life with her best friend. But what happens when they both get taken and Sophie gets put in the wrong school?


I really loved this, it opens up a whole new way of looking at fairy tales as well as showing us that acting good and being a good person are completely different. I loved the growth and change in multiple characters.


In the end it comes down to what can win, good V’s evil, friend V’s foe, or prince V’s princess and it’s an absolutely perfect story.


Best quote in the book;

"Agatha, you dressed as a bride for Halloween."
"Weddings are scary."

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins

Short Review;

I actually really enjoyed this book, it reminded me of the The Worst Witch, it's a TV show that used to be on ITV in the UK, which I always found really funny.


Long Review;

Hex Hall follows a girl, Sophie, who does something she shouldn't and ends up being sent away to a boarding school that's for supernatural kids/teenagers that break rules.


I haven't read that many witch books but this really impressed me and I was quite surprised just how captivating it was and I can't wait to pick up the second book, hopfully sometime really soon.


I really think anyone that enjoys supernatural books or even school focused books would really enjoy this and I definatly recommend it.

Amy & Matthew by Cammie McGovern

Amy & Matthew - Cammie McGovern


This book is also called ‘Say What You Will’.



Short Review;



I was super keen to read this book because on the back it states ‘John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars meets Rainbow Rowell’s Elanor and Park” that alone made it sound like it was going to be amazing and totally up my street, but I wasn’t really that impressed.



Long Review;



Amy & Matthew is a story about a girl, Amy, who was born with cerebal palsy, this means Amy can’t walk without a walker and needs a computer to talk. Then we have Matthew who is completely consumed by his OCD.



Amy decides to hire student aides instead of having teacher/ adult aides for her senior year at high school, to help try to make friends and understand people better as well as letting people get to know that deep down she’s just like every other teenager with similar thoughts and wants.



This is told in third person but alternates between following Amy & Matthew, this did make it a bit hard to get into. I really liked how honest Amy was with herself and how willing she was to try and connect with people even though they didn’t get her, not many people would be that positive given her situation.



I found it difficult to relate to Matthew but it was interesting to learn just how much OCD impacted his everyday life. I really liked the dynamic between Amy & Matthew and how you can see a true friendship blossom.



There is a couple of twists in this book as well that adds a little something extra to it, but I really found it hard to get into as it was written from third person and switch from following Amy & Matthew.



However, if you are looking for an interesting read with a bit of insight into a couple of different medical complaints, this would be worth a read.

Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton

Emma Hearts LA - Keris Stainton



I read Emma Hearts LA a while ago and never put up a review, so here;



Short Review;


This was a really quick, cute summer read. There wasn’t anything wrong with the story but it wasn’t spectacular, I would recommend this if you’re just looking for a nice romance story to read & relax over the summer.


I would also recommend reading Jessie Hearts NYC first as some of the characters overlap.



Long Review;


This book is about a teenage girl named Emma and her family who end up moving to LA because her mum has been offered a new job. Her sister Bex is into acting and has some auditions set up for when they arrive in LA, Emma accompanies her to these auditions and on one of these trips that Emma meets a teen TV star.


Originally Emma didn’t want to move to LA but did for her mum and sister, and is able to reunite with her childhood friend, Oscar.



I liked how this book portrayed a pretty realistic family dynamic, like how the parents have split but the kids aren’t spoilt brats because of it and even though there is some hostility towards the dad they all try to move on in their own ways.



I also loved how Oscar was quirky and geeky, he comes across as that total nice guy/ best friend that always gets romantically over looked.



If you’re looking for something cute and summer-y give this a go, it leaves you with a cute little warm feeling.


Series Review; Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent  - Veronica Roth Insurgent - Veronica Roth Allegiant - Veronica Roth

Short Review;


I loved Divergent, it was wonderful, I was totally sucked up by the action and adventure that I couldn't put it down and started Insurgent immediately after, I found Insurgent a little less fast paced but I still couldn't put it down. Then I picked up Allegiant, and was pretty disappointed, it was slow and hard to get into and with it switching point of view it didn't have the same feel the first two books did.


Long Review;


For those of you that don’t know, Divergent is about dystopian society divided into five factions, each faction has a particular virtue; Candor – The honest, Abnegation – The selfless, Dauntless – The brave, Amity – The peaceful, and Erudite – The intelligent.

Each year everyone that has turned 16 must choose which faction they want to spend the rest of their lives in. After you choose each faction has their own initiation process you must complete.


**Spoilers start here**


I really loved Divergent, meeting all the different characters and getting to know how people from each of the factions react differently to each other and situations.


Tris has to choose between 3 factions, and she chooses Dauntless, I love love love the dauntless initiation portion of this book with all the crazy stunts they do.


Insurgent picks up exactly where Divergent finishes and in this book we get a better look at each faction and what their beliefs and principles are. With the death of multiple people Tris is overcome with guilt and this drives her to make careless and thoughtless decisions. We also get a better look into Tris & Tobias’s relationship and we see how they overcome so many obstacles.


Allegiant is by far me least favourite book, I hate how it changes point of view, I hate the ending, I hate how slow paced it is and how there is still some things that never get explained and definitely do not understand at all, like how the Bureau says its main priority is to protect the Divergents gives Jeanine the means to eliminate the Abnegation which has one of the highest rates of Divergents. No sense made.


Overall Divergent is my favourite book of the trilogy.





The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson

The Athena Effect - Derrolyn Anderson

Short Review;


WOW, this was awesome, I absolutely loved it. If your into unique sci-fi books definatly give this a go.


Long Review;


The Athena Effect is about Caldonia & Calvin, refered to as Cal & Cal or Cali & Cal, this was a little confusing at first but makes for some entertaining scenes and you definatly get used to it.


Caldonia was raised in isolation by her parents, when something happens and she has to leave the cabin and forest shes grown up and go live in the city with her aunt. Calvin appears to be your typical high school bad boy, he has a motorcycle and hooks up with multiple chicks.


I love Caldonia, she's such a unique character and with her being raised in isolation as you would expect she is a bit like a child when it comes to some things, like using the internet which is really interesting to read.


The first half of this book is mainly character development but I really enjoyed it and definatly sets up some good ground work for the next books. Which I will be picking up shortly.


Tried to write this review with no spoilers as I went into the book with no expectations and absolutly loved it, but if you want to hear more of my thoughts or discuss this if you've read it send me a message :)

Nova by A.P Kensey

Nova - A P Kensey

I can't say much without spoiling this whole trilogy, so I'll just say this;


This. Was. AMAZING!


Each book by itself had a couple of things that bothered me if I'm being picky, but as a whole trilogy it is definatly 5 star!


If you like different, super human & special powers with some lovable characters, I would highly recommend this.




Fade by A.P Kensey (Bloom Trilogy Book 2)

Fade (The Bloom Trilogy) - A.P. Kensey

**Possible Spoliers**


Short Review;


This was such a good sequel, so action packed and fast paced!!

Definately keeps up and improves on book 1.


Long Review;


This book starts off one year after the end of book 1. We meet a few new characters one of whom is a new enemy who goes to the dome and infects everyone with a virus.


This is such a action packed adventure that is enjoyable to read. The conduit & source superpowers are so unique and could absolutly rival superman!


Fade keeps your attention with high drama and a unique plot.

Bloom by A.P Kensey

Bloom - A.P. Kensey

Short Review;


This was a really fast paced entertaining read with loads of action that keeps you engaged and turning the pages.


Long Review;


Bloom is about a certain chosen few individuals that have supernatural abilities these are to restore the balance in the world.


We have 2 main characters, Haven - in the beginning of this book she is a general standard teenage girl with some angst-y feelings because of having just been moved away from her friends and starting a new school for her senior year.


Main character No. 2 - Colton - He's newly finished high school he moved to New York to get away from family problems, he moves in with his friend Reece and ends up in jail for a night due to a plan that backfires - I really loved this series of events it was so typical of teenage guys and entertaining to read.

This is so action packed and entertaining, I really loved the whole abilities thing I've not read anything like this before - sorry for the vague-ness, I don't want to spoil it for anyone!!


Also love Noah & Micah, hope there in book two!!


If your into super power type stories like X-men or just want something action-y and different, definitely give this a go!!


Psychophilia by Michelle Muckley

Psychophilia - Michelle Muckley

Short Review;


I received a free copy of this from a giveaway the author.


This was a really unique and interesting story, I haven't ever read anything like this before.


Long Review;

This is a story about a woman, Charlotte, who is recovering from memory loss and psychosis she is pregnant and thinks her husband Gregory is having an affair. This is quite a disturbing story where you really get into Charlotte's mind.
Charlotte really wants to gain the affection of her husband back and has some quite dark thoughts about murdering a few people.

The writing is great and very descriptive, I found it really captivating in places and hard to put down, it really picks up towards the end and there are defiantly several things I did not see coming. Including something that had me sitting on my couch like, WHAT!


Only thing I didn't like much was it felt it dragged a little at points.


If your into things that make you think and twist your mind, pick this up!!

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Panic - Lauren Oliver

Short Review;


I enjoyed this, it's a very entertaining read, however I didn't find myself all that attached to any of the characters. Overall worth a read.


Long Review;


If you haven't heard of Panic yet, it's about a small town in the middle of nowhere called Carp, with it being summer and the just graduated seniors having nothing to do they play Panic it's a ledgendary game where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher.


Our first main character, Heather, wasn't going to participate in Panic but when she finds something & someone to fight for she ends up doing things she never thought possible.


Then there's Dodge, our other main character, has one reason to play Panic, revenge. I wont spoil anything! Have to read it to find out. 


The characters were alright, nothing spectacular as I said I didn't get attached to any of them but there wasn't anything wrong with them either. The only thing I really didn't like was the ending but the book overall is defintely worth a read and is very entertaining.


Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Lola and the Boy Next Door  - Stephanie Perkins

**Possible Spoilers**


Short Review;


I really liked this book, Lola is such a quirky character, and she's faced with real life problems that are so relatable, however I do feel I related with Anna from Anna and the French Kiss a slightly better. Still a wonderful book.


Long Review;


Lola and the Boy Next Door is about this teenage girl Lola that loves to wear something new everyday, it's usually loud and sparkly but even with this little bit of crazy she still a devoted daughter and friend.


She thinks everything is perfect, she has her 2 dads and hot rocker boyfriend Max, she's made plans for future and seems pretty content with her life until the Bell twins - Calliope and Cricket - move back in next door


I absolutely love how this book has 2 dads, I don't think I've ever read a book that has homosexual parents, and it worked so wonderfully and fitted perfectly with the characters, it adds to how real this story feels.


The other thing I really loved was how Stephanie Perkins entwined the characters from Anna and the French Kiss into this novel too, they are secondary characters but just having them in there it made it so much more wonderful, I couldn't get enough of Anna & St.Clair the first time, it adds a little something extra and unique to these books.


If you haven't read Anna and the French Kiss, gogogo now and do it!!


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