Steths: Cognition by Karl Fields

Steths: Cognition (Steths Book 1) - Karl Fields

I received a copy of this from a giveaway here on booklikes.


Short Review;

Wow, this is so completely different from anything I have read before, it was fantastic I just wish it was longer! 


Long Review;

I had never heard of this book until I stumbled across it on here, and now its time to spread the word.


Say the phrase No two are ever alike, and most think of snowflakes or fingerprints. But Steths, with their ability to hear heartbeats – and the emotions within them – know that each one of those is unique as well.

Sixteen-year-old Devin Chambers wants nothing more than a football scholarship, his ticket to a life beyond the hardscrabble neighborhood he calls home. But it’s his abilities as a Steth that get him noticed by the prestigious Faulkner Academy.

Being a “Faulkner man” means a life of privilege and influence. In the wrong hands, it also means having the power to destroy lives, as Devin learns when he encounters a man being framed for terrorism. He hears innocence in the man’s heart, but it’s a belief no one else shares, and he’ll have to risk his new life and bright future to save a condemned man from the death penalty. (taken from Goodreads)


This starts out a little slow, there's a fair bit of character and world building which I enjoyed and sets up some good ground work for the next book. There better be a next book by the way.


I really love how some of the characters have supernatural gifts but they aren't ridiculously unbelievable, given evolution these types of things may be possible at some stage, its far more likely then being able to shoot lasers from your eyes at least.


I loved the characters in this, they are so well written and I got surprisingly attached to Devin and Travis, when they had a little bro fight I was so devastated!


I don't want to give to much away as this was fantastic not knowing at all where it was going, so give it a go, if you like books like The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson or the Bloom trilogy by A.P Kensey then I think you will absolutely enjoy this.


Also, that ending, my god please say there's a book 2.