The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski (Winner's Trilogy Book 2)

The Winner's Crime - Marie Rutkoski

**Spoiler's to the Winner's Curse**


Short Review;

Much like the Winner's Curse I found this a bit slow to start but it picks up after a little and ends on one hell of a cliff hanger!


Long Review;

At the end of The Winner's Curse Kestrel makes a deal with the emperor to save Arin, she will marry his son, Verex. 


I can't believe the different direction this book took, it is completely a step up from the first book. The romance is muted in this book by everything else, all the deceit, lies, and manipulations. And you finally get to see a bit more into Kestrel & Arin and how they both think.


I really love how the characters are portrayed, and so beautifully written, I said this when I finished the first book, but you really get a feel for each character even the horrible ones, that just makes this so fantastic to read.


I can't believe the ending of this book, and even worse the expected publication for book 3 isn't until 2016!!