The Duff - Movie

So I just watched The Duff movie....


It's good as a movie, but I loved the book and really hate how some things were changed or missed out. 


The two main points that were changed that annoyed me were;


1. In the Book Bianca lives with her dad, in the movie she's with her mum, which I really didn't like as I found it really interesting to read about the dynamic between Bianca and her dad.


2. I preferred the relationship between Bianca, Jessica and Casey the way it is portrayed in the book, in the movie she has a go at them and then just ignores them the whole time until the end, I know in the book she ditches them quite a bit for Wesley but it wasn't the same.


Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, but they made so many changes to the plot of the book.


If any of you have watched the movie or read the book, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.