Dark Heart Forever (Dark Heart #1) by Lee Monroe

Dark Heart Forever - Lee Monroe

Short Review;


This book was alright, there wasn't anything that wowed me, I feel like I may have enjoyed it more if I had of read it when I was a bit younger.


Long Review;


I got the Dark Heart trilogy for super cheap online, it sounded quite good so I thought I'd pick it up while it was so cheap.


Dark Heart Forever is about a teenage girl called Jane she is home schooled because she was bullied fairly bad at school, she's a bit of a loner and doesn't really trust anyone outside her family. She keeps sleep walking and having dreams about a boy.


There's another dimension with the world called Nissilum which is a world where all supernatural beings live together being over looked by the angels making sure they all live in harmony, and you can only cross between the 2 places if you have a connection with someone that is there.


I really liked the world Nissilum I have not read anything where a worlds in a different dimension, but other then that there wasn't much that sets this book apart from any other supernatural love triangle book. 


I would recommend this to younger readers however as it would probably be a good book to read to see if you like the supernatural type things.