Dark Heart Rising (Dark Heart #2) by Lee Monroe

Dark Heart Rising - Lee Monroe

Possible spoilers as its book 2!


Short Review;


After reading Dark Heart Forever and not being overly impressed I thought I would give book 2 ago because I had already bought it (super cheap online), but really wasn't impressed, not much is different from book 1 and it feels like it drags on a bit. 


Long Review;


I was really hoping in book 2 the story would pick up but was disappointed, in book 2 Dark Heart Rising, Jane heads to see her grandma before heading to collage, at her grandma's she meets a new boy and straight away it feels like the whole Evan drama all over again.


I don't feel like the world or characters really develop much at all, and there are multiple spelling errors but the thing that annoyed me the most was that the point of view changes every few chapters, between someone on Nissilum and Jane, I don't really think it worked that well or was necessary for this story, I defiantly feel I would have enjoyed this a lot more if it had just been in Jane's POV like in Book 1.