The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Short Review;


I really love Markus Zusak's writing there is something so special about it and it just flows so amazingly.


I was really looking forward to this book as I had heard so many great things about it and his other book The Messenger is one of my all time favorite books ever. However The Book Thief just didnt grab me.


Long Review;


The Book Thief is narrated by Death's point of view, and is set in 1939 Germany, we follow a foster girl called Liesel Meminger living outside Munich who steals books when she encounters something she can't resist.


Her accordian playing foster father teaches her how to read and write and shares those stolen books with her neighbors and the Jewish man hiding in her basement.


I really loved the writing style, and the story line was good, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this book, but it didn't grab my attention or have me hooked, I think I was expecting a lot more having read other book lovers reviews and I don't feel it was really my thing.


If you haven't read a Markus Zusak novel, read The Messenger!! It had me hooked from page 7.