Psychophilia by Michelle Muckley

Psychophilia - Michelle Muckley

Short Review;


I received a free copy of this from a giveaway the author.


This was a really unique and interesting story, I haven't ever read anything like this before.


Long Review;

This is a story about a woman, Charlotte, who is recovering from memory loss and psychosis she is pregnant and thinks her husband Gregory is having an affair. This is quite a disturbing story where you really get into Charlotte's mind.
Charlotte really wants to gain the affection of her husband back and has some quite dark thoughts about murdering a few people.

The writing is great and very descriptive, I found it really captivating in places and hard to put down, it really picks up towards the end and there are defiantly several things I did not see coming. Including something that had me sitting on my couch like, WHAT!


Only thing I didn't like much was it felt it dragged a little at points.


If your into things that make you think and twist your mind, pick this up!!