Bloom by A.P Kensey

Bloom - A.P. Kensey

Short Review;


This was a really fast paced entertaining read with loads of action that keeps you engaged and turning the pages.


Long Review;


Bloom is about a certain chosen few individuals that have supernatural abilities these are to restore the balance in the world.


We have 2 main characters, Haven - in the beginning of this book she is a general standard teenage girl with some angst-y feelings because of having just been moved away from her friends and starting a new school for her senior year.


Main character No. 2 - Colton - He's newly finished high school he moved to New York to get away from family problems, he moves in with his friend Reece and ends up in jail for a night due to a plan that backfires - I really loved this series of events it was so typical of teenage guys and entertaining to read.

This is so action packed and entertaining, I really loved the whole abilities thing I've not read anything like this before - sorry for the vague-ness, I don't want to spoil it for anyone!!


Also love Noah & Micah, hope there in book two!!


If your into super power type stories like X-men or just want something action-y and different, definitely give this a go!!