The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson

The Athena Effect - Derrolyn Anderson

Short Review;


WOW, this was awesome, I absolutely loved it. If your into unique sci-fi books definatly give this a go.


Long Review;


The Athena Effect is about Caldonia & Calvin, refered to as Cal & Cal or Cali & Cal, this was a little confusing at first but makes for some entertaining scenes and you definatly get used to it.


Caldonia was raised in isolation by her parents, when something happens and she has to leave the cabin and forest shes grown up and go live in the city with her aunt. Calvin appears to be your typical high school bad boy, he has a motorcycle and hooks up with multiple chicks.


I love Caldonia, she's such a unique character and with her being raised in isolation as you would expect she is a bit like a child when it comes to some things, like using the internet which is really interesting to read.


The first half of this book is mainly character development but I really enjoyed it and definatly sets up some good ground work for the next books. Which I will be picking up shortly.


Tried to write this review with no spoilers as I went into the book with no expectations and absolutly loved it, but if you want to hear more of my thoughts or discuss this if you've read it send me a message :)