Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton

Emma Hearts LA - Keris Stainton



I read Emma Hearts LA a while ago and never put up a review, so here;



Short Review;


This was a really quick, cute summer read. There wasn’t anything wrong with the story but it wasn’t spectacular, I would recommend this if you’re just looking for a nice romance story to read & relax over the summer.


I would also recommend reading Jessie Hearts NYC first as some of the characters overlap.



Long Review;


This book is about a teenage girl named Emma and her family who end up moving to LA because her mum has been offered a new job. Her sister Bex is into acting and has some auditions set up for when they arrive in LA, Emma accompanies her to these auditions and on one of these trips that Emma meets a teen TV star.


Originally Emma didn’t want to move to LA but did for her mum and sister, and is able to reunite with her childhood friend, Oscar.



I liked how this book portrayed a pretty realistic family dynamic, like how the parents have split but the kids aren’t spoilt brats because of it and even though there is some hostility towards the dad they all try to move on in their own ways.



I also loved how Oscar was quirky and geeky, he comes across as that total nice guy/ best friend that always gets romantically over looked.



If you’re looking for something cute and summer-y give this a go, it leaves you with a cute little warm feeling.