Amy & Matthew by Cammie McGovern

Amy & Matthew - Cammie McGovern


This book is also called ‘Say What You Will’.



Short Review;



I was super keen to read this book because on the back it states ‘John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars meets Rainbow Rowell’s Elanor and Park” that alone made it sound like it was going to be amazing and totally up my street, but I wasn’t really that impressed.



Long Review;



Amy & Matthew is a story about a girl, Amy, who was born with cerebal palsy, this means Amy can’t walk without a walker and needs a computer to talk. Then we have Matthew who is completely consumed by his OCD.



Amy decides to hire student aides instead of having teacher/ adult aides for her senior year at high school, to help try to make friends and understand people better as well as letting people get to know that deep down she’s just like every other teenager with similar thoughts and wants.



This is told in third person but alternates between following Amy & Matthew, this did make it a bit hard to get into. I really liked how honest Amy was with herself and how willing she was to try and connect with people even though they didn’t get her, not many people would be that positive given her situation.



I found it difficult to relate to Matthew but it was interesting to learn just how much OCD impacted his everyday life. I really liked the dynamic between Amy & Matthew and how you can see a true friendship blossom.



There is a couple of twists in this book as well that adds a little something extra to it, but I really found it hard to get into as it was written from third person and switch from following Amy & Matthew.



However, if you are looking for an interesting read with a bit of insight into a couple of different medical complaints, this would be worth a read.