The School for Good and Evil: A World without Princes by Soman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes - Soman Chainani

Short Review;

Similar to the first book, this took me forever to read, not really sure why. It was an okay second book but I perfer the first book.


Long Review;

This books starts back in Galvadon, and we follow Agatha & Sophie for a while and see how they both are adjusting back into normal life without magic and princes.


After a while someone makes a wish and they end up back in the school for good and evil but everythings changed since Agatha choose Sophie over Tedros.


I enjoyed seeing where the story went but didn't enjoy this as much as the first book, it felt dragged out and for a while not at lot happens.


Still worth the read if you enjoyed the first book.