The Originals by Cat Patrick

The Originals - Cat Patrick

Short Review;

I love love LOVED this book, its different, unique and has some romance, schooling, and a big mystery. I wish it wasn't a stand alone novel.


Long Review;

The Originals is about 3 girls Lizzie, Ella & Betsey they grew up believing that they were ordinary triplets when something happens and they have to move and seek a new identity. To the outside world their family consists of a single mum and 1 teenage daughter.


The girls take it in turns to go to school, work or extracurricular activities like cheer leading. The girls seem happy and are used to the arrangements made and agreed by them all, until Lizzie meets Sean, he makes her realise she is not a copy but an individual with unique desires and dreams. Lizzie then starts digging into the past of the family and rips apart the balance they had established.


I really loved this story, it was engaging and have me wanting to absorb it all right away, I was expecting to read from all the girls points of view, but the whole story is seen through Lizzies' eyes and it works wonderfully, totally engrossed and wished it wasn't a stand alone!


If your up for a different twist on a story about girls growing up and finding who they are, this is defiantly recommended.