Earthquake (Earthbound #2) by Aprilynne Pike

Earthquake  - Aprilynne Pike

Short Review;

This was a interesting second book, the story progressed quickly and there was still a good amount of action. However I didn't like it as much as the first book, but would still recommend it if you enjoyed Earthbound.


**Spoilers to Earthbound**


Long Review;

At the end of Earthbound Tavia is caught by the Reduciata that is exactly where this book picks up from.


This is an interesting sequal to Earthbound, it is still quite high in suspense and moves along at a good pace, however I felt like there was something missing, it just lacked something that Earthbound didn't.


That being said, it was still a good read and ill be interested to see where the story goes if there is a 3rd book.