When Dogs Cry by Markus Zusak (AKA Getting the Girl)

When Dogs Cry - Markus Zusak

Short Review;


This was amazing, reminded me of The Messenger, the main character had the same kind of feel when reading, I loved this, highly recommend especially if you liked The Messenger.


Long Review;


This is the 3rd book in the companion Wolfe Brothers books, I haven’t read the other 2 yet, I don’t think you need to read the other ones at all before you pick this up, it might help understand the family dynamics a little better but it was easy enough as a standalone.


Cameron Wolfe is hungry. He's sick of being the filthy, torn, half-smiling, half-scowling underdog. He's finally met a girl. He's got words in his spirit. And now he's out to prove that there's nothing more beautiful than an underdog who's willing to stand up. (synopsis taken from goodreads).


I really loved how Cameron longed to be more than he was, he wanted to prove to everyone that he wasn’t a looser that just follows Ruben around.
You also see the family love especially the brotherly love Cam & Ruben have for each other and they’re always there even if they don’t say much.


I love Zusak’s writing, I couldn’t put this down and when it was finished, I was sad, I want more.


I would recommend this to anyone.